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DVDs / Busted

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studio: Starr Productions
release date: 4-2007

Scenes From Busted

Busted - Scene 5 - Minka and Elizabeth Starr
Elizabeth Starr , Minka
Police woman Elizabeth Starr enters the jail, where Minka is. She searchs under Minka monster tits for something but she can't find it. Elizabeth also has some giant monster tits, but Minka beats by far Elizabeth. If you are into giant big tits you must check this scene!

Tags: Toys

Busted - Scene 5 - Minka and Elizabeth Starr

Busted - Scene 4 - Minka
Monster and famous asian big titted porn star Minka gives a great blowjob to Ron Jeremy huge dick, and after the blow she even has time to "defend" Ron from a cop, with her massive leathal weapons! check it ou, very funny the last second :)


Busted - Scene 4 - Minka